Super Humans are a society of friends bonded by Love, Yoga, and an insatiable desire to reach their own full potential - together. A Super Human does not conform to societal views as to what is possible, instead subscribing to the belief that nothing is impossible. With sincere effort towards mastery of skills acquired, the shackles of limitation no longer holds us, and then the exploration of our truest Self begins. Powers are revealed only through discipline and dedication, using the mantra "work to progression". If you have been asked to join in this gathering then your powers have already revealed themselves, and Together we will help each other to cultivate that power to be used for its greatest good. Remember steel sharpens steel. 


J Miles, Coordinator of Camp Super Human

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Camp Super Human - July 14-16

Living Light Studio - 407 Slusher Store Road, Floyd, Virginia 24091

The Power of You!! 

Once again the movement retreat that will strengthen you physically, challenge you mentally, and uplift you spiritually is back! Welcome to Camp Super Human, a transformative weekend that connects multiple skills and practices with the constant thread of mindfulness and yoga. 

Having the support of the collective has always been key to learning and processing knowledge. In our fourth installment, we want our work, progression, compassion and sense of community to have a farther reaching affect. When individuals feel connected and supported, the community begins to heal.  There is power in our practice to heal and connect, so let's use our powers for the greatest good!! 

Train, study, practice & play with some of the best movement instructors in the country! 

The Players: Rob Lenfestey, Justin Lowery, Zach Surina & J Miles

Areas of instruction include...

* AcroYoga

* Slackline

* Yoga

* Budokon

* Mindful Creative Process

* Body Work and Thai Massage

* Special Guests and More!


May 1-31 $195

June 1-30 $225

After June 30 $255



About our Accommodations:

The Living Light Yoga Studio and Wellness Center is located right on the Little River in Floyd, Virginia, complete with yoga studio, activity Barn, creek access, hot tub and sauna.  Our hostess Shirleyann Burgess has graciously opened up her home and studio to us to learn, play and train. Lodging is all camping, with available amenities. All meals will be provided and are part of the cost of tuition. 

>>Limited to 25 participants<<

To register please visit

Camp Super Human Games at Floyd Yoga Jam- All Day Workshop August 31

The All Day movement event that will connect you socially, strengthen you physically, challenge you mentally, and uplift you spiritually comes to Floyd Yoga Jam!!


The Players: Rob Lenfestey, Jean Jacques Gabriel, Zach Surina & J Miles

Welcome to the Camp Super Human one day movement retreat and adult play day! This will be a transformative event that connects multiple modalities with the constant thread of mindfulness and yoga practice, rolled-up into your elementary school field-day. A full day balanced between training and building skills, creative play, therapeutic reset, games, and prizes!!!

The day will begin with meditation and intentions. Warming up with yoga asana and energizing calisthenics, the day will feature an influx of multidimensional dynamic skill shares involving acro yoga, slackline, martial arts, and basic acrobatics. After a break and lunch, two teams will be selected and the Yoga Jam site will become our playground. We’ll use our newly acquired or sharpened super skills to play a few games like old favorites with new twists:

* Sack races

* Partner balloon toss

* Acro Simon says

*Treasure hunt

* Two high egg race

   And more!!!

This event is an Add-On ticket to Floyd Yoga Jam, and allows early entry to the festival and access to special events.

For more information and to register visit